Abe and The Replacements Available


A pdf version of Abe Table and The Replacements is now available over on The Stories page. Look for story #6.

Since this marks the half-dozen point for Abe’s misadventures, I’ve put together a little promo video for stories 1-6.

Check it out today and share it!



Abe Table And The Replacements – Final Scene Here


I have posted a draft of the last scene for Abe Table and The Replacements. I wanted to have a full version of the story available for now, so I’ve posted all the scenes. But, I will be revising it for its final form and will post it as a pdf, and epub and mobi file soon.

In the meantime, jump over to The Replacements page and read the whole story!

You know that I’m cooking up ideas for the next Abe Table story. Of course, endless possibilities are bombarding me, but I’m warming to a few and will begin sketching scenes soon. I may even consider a longer story… like novel-length.

Aliens almost There!


The story is almost done – Abe Table and The Replacements. If you’ve been reading along, you’ve been seeing the second or third drafts of each of the scenes. I just posted scenes 5 and 6. Only 1 scene is left to post! If you haven’t been reading, get over to the Replacements page and check this one out. Happy reading and keep your eyes peeled for the last scene. Enjoy!


Replacements – Scene 4


Why, just why, is this scene so important? ‘Cause it’s the next one? Well, maybe. But it is also a strange point in the story – everything is disappearing suddenly. Get reading… over at the Replacements page… right away before it disappears. Enjoy!

Replacements Scene 3


So, Scene 3 is up for Abe Table and The Replacements. That’s about half the story. The rest is coming soon! Stay tuned…

If you never saw the teaser video, check it out here.

For Scene 3, click here.

The Next Replacement Scene


Abe’s “Replacements” adventure continues. Check out Scene 2 in the link at the top of the page under Abe Table and The Replacements.

Measuring A Story


How do you measure a story? Do you count the words? Do you run it through Lexile.com’s Lexile Analyzer? Do you use readability statistics?

Okay. So, I ran a sample section of Abe Table and The Legend of Burgess Clave through the Lexile Analyzer and it returned a 980L. I did the same with Catching Liza Thurman: 800L.

They were just 250 word samples (or nearly). They don’t tell a story.

Sure, it takes a certain reading level or skill to tackle them or any story. I get that. But for me, for stories about Abe Table, the measure comes from a smile.

I often do that when I’m writing a scene. In fact, I chuckle and laugh out loud sometimes. Doesn’t mean the writing is good; it just means that I enjoy it. I have had fun writing the first 5… If you are just joining the fun, they are:

1. Wicked Office

2. Hood

3. Catching Liza Thurman

4. Abe Table and The Legend of Burgess Clave

5. Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal

All available here.

So, when I laugh while writing (or sometimes get a bit scared or cry), then I feel like I’ve told a story that I like. I’ve never regretted that. Am I done with it just because I like it? Not a chance. Lots of work to do to make a story work well. But it is a good measure for me and for now, I’m going to stick with it.

Don’t forget to keep checking back for Abe Table and The Replacements. It is coming soon (though more slowly than I like). Check out the trailer/video if you haven’t seen it yet. That boy is ridiculous!

How do you measure a story?