Adventure #7 Coming Soon

Here’s a quote from Abe in the upcoming story, Abe and the Time Travel Bandits (working title):

Lady # 3 scared me. She was small and looked older than the trees on the hill. Her beady brown eyes were shifty when she talked and her voice was a mixture of black coffee, spent shotgun shells and sand that you can’t get out of your shoe after you go to the beach.

Abe and his friends can’t figure out why or how someone would steal kids for a time travel experiment… but the clues are mounting and the train to the future is about to leave the station. He has to figure out something fast and he doesn’t have Origami Yodi to give him any advice.

The new adventure begins this summer… don’t be kidnapped to the future without it!

Be sure to check out Abe’s other adventures over on The Stories page.


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