What Is Abe Table Like?

I’m not sure what Abe Table is completely like – you know, what he likes to do, eat, read – but I’m getting to know him… If that is possible (he is only a fictional character, after all).

Sure, sure, I do know a lot about him from the stories so far (1-6), but there is so much more to know. Questions about him hit me all the time. Questions like:

Would Abe follow the Dawn probe that just reached orbit around Ceres, the dwarf planet?

Is space exploration something he and his friends care about? (Very cool Wikipedia entry about ion thrusters, which the Dawn probe uses, here)

Just from story #6 and the upcoming story #7 (Abe Table and the Time Travel Bandits), I know he likes cinnamon buns in the morning at his school (with the gooey white frosting), the Origami Yoda book series by Tom Angleberger (which I’ve now completed – hilarious!), and the Monster Decks game he plays with his friends.

What do you know about Abe after following his Misinformed Life?






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