Yoda in the 6th Grade?


I just finished reading this fantastic story about another 6th grader. If you haven’t explored this series yet, you should try it for yourself. I’m moving on to book 2 soon. Tom Angleberger, the author, has a super website too! Check it out and let me know what you think.

And don’t forget to check out our 6th grader’s stories over on The Stories page link above. Remember, they are all free!


Sneak Peek at Abe Table and The Replacements


It looks like… It may be… The story may start like this:

It had been the weekend of all weekends and I knew, as I walked into the cafeteria for breakfast this particular Monday morning, that I had the idea to top all ideas and stories. Never mind I had lost Deck Three of of my Monsters decks last week. My idea was so good it didn’t matter. Kinda. Well, it was the fact that I lost the deck that gave me the idea: I was going to start a private investigation company.

Coming soon. Don’t miss it.

Writing Tip #8


You should get over to Writing Tip #8 right away if you are writing anything for school. Hurry. Get over there and see if it won’t help some. Go to “I Hate Writing – Help!” at the top of the page or visit the page from here. By the way, there are lots of good places to find help with writing even if you don’t like it. I’ll share some of those soon, so check back.

And don’t forget Abe Table and The Replacements. The story is coming soon.