The Amazing Dream Journal – Part 7 – The End

Here is the last installment for The Amazing Dream Journal. If you enjoyed the story, be sure to comment and let other people know what you liked. I’ll have the full PDF version of the story posted soon. Enjoy!

Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal



“That is absolutely ridiculous, Abe,” Liz said. She, Abe and Ray were in the front entry of the school by the office and the crowd was typical for the end of the school day: huge and moving like ants in an anthill recently stomped on.

Abe told the gang what happened to him in detention. It was hard for him to believe, too, but what could he do? These things were spiraling out of his control and the world would soon end in a takeover by Madame Death, her death mobile and an army of kids-turned-werewolf, he was sure!

“Oh, it’s ridiculous alright, Liz. I get that. I’m just saying… they were talking in code and it didn’t look good for ol’ Jessica. They are working together. For sure,” Abe said with finality.

Ray started to talk just as Gravy showed up. “Hey, listen, guys. I’m sure we’ll have Mrs. Whittier again as a sub. Who knows how she is connected with the new girl. Maybe that girl was in Jessica’s class and she saw what Jessica did to get in trouble. You survived detention, right Abe? Nobody turned you into a werewolf or fed you poison, right?”

“Somebody poisoned Abe?” Gravy said.

The intersecting hallways at the front of the school were beginning to quiet down. The crowd was thinning and Gravy’s voice was way too loud. The only thing Abe could do was laugh it off. It didn’t change how he felt though.

“No, Grave. Nobody poisoned me, but that sub for–”

Just then, right in the middle of Abe’s sentence, she showed up.

She had to be over six feet tall. Her hair was an eagle’s nest set on fire. She pulled a luggage carrier behind her with a crate on it – a radioactive symbol was on the crate! This lady was dangerous and Abe knew it, whether or not his people believed it.

Everyone in their group stopped talking and watched as she strolled by. She stopped right in front of them before going out the front door.

“Hi, Abe Table,” she said. “I’m sure we just got off to a bad start. I hope things will go better when I am back next week. Did you enjoy lunch? You don’t feel sick do you?”

Abe felt Liz and Ray turn toward him, felt their eyes punching holes in him. It was a calamity of colossal proportions. She had poisoned him! Just as Abe’s mind was making that connection (and he wasn’t sure his stomach felt well), Werewolf Girl showed up.

“I… no…” Abe didn’t get much out because he was staring (Liz and Ray too), not believing.

“‘Cause I ate one of those lunches and I don’t feel so well,” Mrs. Whittier added.

“Hi, Mom,” the girl said.

If it had been the movies, Abe imagined, he was sure he would have passed out and hit the floor.

“Hi, honey. We’ve got to race to the parlor before sunset. If I don’t deliver everything, someone will turn me into a cadaver.” Mrs. Whittier turned back to Abe and the stunned group. “Goodbye, everyone. Don’t get caught by full moon at night, and don’t let the ghosts bite.” She whirled herself with a chuckle and left with her daughter right at her side.

They got into the hearse and took off. It wasn’t the last time the kids would see her either.

Ray told him on the way home, “I’d stop writing your dreams down, Abe. Maybe we’ve been playing Monster Cards too much. Whatever. Mrs. Whittier seems harmless enough in spite of what she drives. Odd, but harmless. Maybe its all just more evidence for the ghost you have in your kitchen.”

He’d told Abe not to worry. Yeah. Not that easy. One thing was for sure: Abe’s dream journal had been nothing short of amazing, but he wasn’t writing in it anymore.



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