The Amazing Dream Journal – Part 6 (of 7)

Abe finally faces the Hearse Driver in detention. He only hopes to make it out of there with his life. Enjoy!

Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal


A student at Lake Middle School could end up serving detention in the detention room (big yuck in Abe’s mind) or with a specific teacher, which was preferred. Except in this case. Abe didn’t know why Mr. Harrison had to be gone, but he was wishing, about the time he entered his classroom for the second time that day, that he hadn’t been. The Hearse Driver was sitting in Mr. Harrison’s desk, hair flaming orange and going every which way. Only one other student was there: Jessica! Abe was shocked, but he didn’t say anything as he sat down. He didn’t want another detention. He wondered if she had gotten in trouble in 4th period.

“Welcome, Mr. Table,” the substitute said. “I’m glad you could make it.” She brought him his sack lunch and the standard issue detention form. Everyone had to fill them out and the principal looked them over. Basic stuff: what did you do? How could you have done things differently? What will you do next time? He was starved and looked in the sack to see if there was an apple.

As the sub was walking back to her desk, Jessica looked over from the other corner of the room. She moved her hand across her throat like Abe was going to die or something. Like he even did anything to her. He doubted Jessica even knew that this lady was a hearse driver. That she dealt in death and burial.

The sub whirled to face Jessica. “I’ll kindly remind you that there will be no talking or communicating with each other.”

Didn’t have to tell Abe twice. If anyone could inspire fear, this lady could… if you knew who she was. Jessica obviously didn’t know.

“Um, excuse me, Ms. Whittier,” Jessica began, “but normally we can help each other with homework if we have the same class and brought the homework with us. That’s what Mr. Harrison lets us do.”

While that might be true for some teachers and some classes, including Harrison, Abe seriously doubted that this woman was going to follow those rules. She didn’t have to. Abe thought Jessica would have been better off just opening her mouth and cramming her whole left foot in there.

For a moment, things got real scary. The sub walked right over to Jessica’s desk.

Here it came! She was going to force her to take some sort of poison and she’d be in the back of that hearse by the end of the school day. Abe was glad it was not him, but he couldn’t even wish this on Jessica. No one deserved this.

Just when Abe’s skin was crawling and he couldn’t imagine that things could get worse, they did.

The creepy werewolf horse riding girl showed up outside of the huge windows that looked out into the commons between the classrooms.

Maybe Hearse Driver had the demon werewolf do the dirty work!

Jessica’s eyes were glued to the crazy substitute, from what Abe could see, but, she and the lady caught sight of the Werewolf Girl and Abe thought he saw a flash of pure panic cross Jessica’s face.

Some mysterious communication took place, which Abe didn’t understand. But he thought he could read into the symbols:


Werewolf Girl: points to her arm like she has a watch and then points to the front of the building.

Abe interprets: “When it is time, I will exterminate this loud mouth and take her out.”

Hearse Driver: Nods once while blinking her eyes closed.

Abe interprets: “Yes, my child, you have done well. I’m sure her sleep will be permanent. I will pay you at the next moon.”


All he knew was that it made perfect sense for the werewolf girl to be serving the Mistress of Death, and that he was cooped up in her traveling mortuary with someone who had obviously ticked them off, and now he was certain to die and nothing was going to prevent it.

How in the world he could dream up both of these monsters and make them show up at the same time and working together was beyond his understanding. One thing was for sure: he was going to stop writing the dreams down in his journal.

Abe shut his mouth tight and just hoped he could make it out of detention. He wasn’t very hungry anymore.


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