The Amazing Dream Journal – Part 5

Detention looms for Abe and everyone seems to know. The adventure continues today. A couple of scenes left after this one… stay tuned and enjoy!

Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal


“Abe’s dead,” Liz said to Ray when they met at Abe’s locker.

“Well, he looks lively to me,” Ray returned.

“We have trouble, Ray,” Abe said, “and it starts with the sub for Harrison. She is the same lady who was driving the hearse!” Abe’s voice was a high pitched whine like the end of the spin cycle on a washing machine.

“And the girl on the horse is here and she was talking about ghosts – she’s gotta be a werewolf like in Abe’s dream,” Liz said. She bounced on the toes of her feet.

Ray’s face looked like he’d just been hit with shotgun fire, but he calmed down quickly to make sense of things, as usual.

“Okay, slow down, everybody. Slow down,” Ray said.  “First of all, Abe, your hearse driver could have been someone who did a job for your uncle, you know? Maybe that is why she is a substitute teacher: she doesn’t make enough money in the hearse driving business. Go figure. Dark and creepy, I know. But it could be true.

“Second, Liz, werewolves aren’t real.” He shook his head no like he was reinforcing the point to a kindergartener. “They aren’t.” He fixed his stare right into her eyes. “Okay? No. Not real.”

“Yeah, easy to say, Ray. We saw the lady from my dream. Here. We saw the girl. Here. You think that is a coincidence?” Abe’s emotions were wreaking havoc with his mind.

“Abe, look: your mind could have been playing tricks on you. Like maybe you saw the hearse one day at work and didn’t think about it much – I’m sure those show up all the time at the cemetery. And like Pick said those stables produce hundreds of horse riders. Not uncommon to see one there by the park.”

Liz was just getting ready to say something when Ray cut her off shaking his head.

“No, Liz. They aren’t real. As much as Abe and I would like for there to be a werewolf at our school, there isn’t one.”

Liz squinted her eyes and made a pouty mock frown.

The minute bell rang.

“Are you doofs talking about werewolves?” Jessica said, sticking her nose in the little group’s bubble. “Because, oh, news flash: They aren’t real.”

Abe saw Liz stiffen. He thought a lot about the trouble she was causing for herself because she was hanging out with him and Ray. He didn’t want her to have to face more trouble than she already had with her mom and the trouble she had been in at school. Maybe, he thought, ghost hunting and stuff like we do is not the best idea for Liz after all. No matter how badly she wants to belong to our group. Jessica brought him out of his thinking.

“By the way, Abe, the whole sixth grade heard about your detention with the orange haired lady.” In a sing song voice she trailed off as she turned to go to class, “Somebody’s in trouble.”

“I’ve had about enough of her for one day. She’s got a smart mouth and it’s going to get–”

Ray and Abe just stared at Liz.

That was the exact same way she used to be.

“What?” she said. “You guys like being made fun of?”

Ray looked at Abe and then back to Liz. “It’s not that, Liz.”

“We are just glad you are on our side now. That’s all,” Abe said. But all he could think about was the dread of detention after the next period.


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