The Amazing Dream Journal – Part 4

Nearing the end of this tale. Here is the fourth scene. Things are definitely becoming more uncomfortable for Abe today! Enjoy!

 Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal


“Abe! Abe!” Liz cried out. Her voice was a little too loud, too eager.

Abe was talking with PeeWee Beauchamp before he went in to Social Studies.

“Okay, PeeWee, but the Sliding Bunch has more health,” Abe was saying while holding up his hand to Liz.

“Abe, We’ve got–” Liz tried to say.

“Hold it, Liz. PeeWee, I’ll let you have it this time. Next time, not so much,” Abe said. He played a monsters card game with several people and they often made moves between classes. PeeWee left and Abe said, “What’s up, Liz?” with a hundred dollar smile.

“Everything.” She leaned her head forward and opened her eyes wide like she was going to scold him. “You aren’t going to belie–”

Just then, the bell rang and the two had to dart into the classroom to be considered on time.

Liz whispered on the way to their seats, “The girl on the horse is here at school and she was running from ghosts.”

“What?” Abe turned to look at Liz and she ran into his sudden stop. “What?” He looked at her like she had turned into a wild turkey. They sat down, Abe fighting a wild panic that topped talking with a turkey.

And that’s when the substitute asked for everyone’s attention. Liz and Abe turned for the first time to notice they had a sub and they both stared: It was the lady who had been driving the hearse! Abe thought he was going to be sick. He was turning into the freak of Lake Middle School. It was reminding him of the Cornelia Funke book, Inkheart. He didn’t want his dreams chasing him down in real life. This was all too much and it was freakin’ him out so much he knew he needed to talk with Ray.

“We gotta see Ray ASAP,” Liz said. Abe thought she was reading his mind… and using terms like ASAP that she learned from Mr. Harrison. He said it all the time.

He leaned forward, closer to her desk. The substitute, who had written her name on the board, Mrs. Whittier, was saying something. All Abe heard was that creatures and people and ghosts from his dreams were coming to invade his life. He whispered to Liz, “Yeah, you got that right.”

“Young man,” Mrs. Whittier said, “I’ll remind you only once that I expect you to be listening when I am talking, okay?”

He nodded. Argh! Abe thought. I’m already a target and I’ve got real life issues to worry about! He dug through the pencil pouch in his binder looking for a #2 pencil. He found it! A never-before-used #2. Perfectly unsharpened! Tapping Liz on the shoulder, he headed to the pencil sharpener in the back of the room, expecting her to follow.

“When I am finished teaching you and give you time to write,” Mrs. Whittier was saying, “I’ll allow you to ask permission to sharpen pencils.” The room was quiet and everyone’s eyes were on Abe.

He turned and couldn’t believe that this lady could single him out so easily, so cleverly. Then it dawned on him that he shouldn’t only be panicked about the ghost-fleeing horse girl, this lady was a hearse driver! She could be planning on capturing him if he kept breaking her rules.

“What is your name?” She asked. Abe noticed that all eyes went to her and then back to him. It was like a tennis match. And he knew who was going to win.

“Abe Driver… I mean, Hearse. Table. Abe Table,” he corrected as quickly as he could but knew he was in deep now. He was dead. She would poison him by lunch and pack him in her little death mobile by the final bell.

“Yes, well, Mr. Table, why don’t you join me here at lunch for detention.” She picked up where she had left off like nothing ever happened. Game, set, match. He lost.

Liz looked back at him and mouthed “Sorry.” Now, Abe knew they had to get to Ray as soon as class was over… before he met his doom at lunch.


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