The Amazing Dream Journal – Part 3

Here we go with the third scene in the story. If you are just tuning in, make sure you go back and read the posts that have Part 1 and 2. Enjoy!

Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal

Part 3


“…Ghosts,” the girl declared. “That’s what I was running from. They were all over the place: behind the recliner, coming out of the fireplace, swirling around the light hanging in the kitchen. Everywhere!”

A group of kids formed a ring in the hallway and the new girl was the diamond. The girl gestured too much with her hands like she was on stage. At least, that’s what Liz thought. She was standing just outside the ring of listeners with Jessica McMulligan. The minute bell was going to ring any moment and she still had to get to Language Arts upstairs.

“OMG, Jess. My gosh. Unbelievable!” Liz said.

“I know. Unreal. I’ve gotta go, Liz. This girl is crazy. Can you believe that?” Jessica asked.

“Well, a week ago I wouldn’t have,” Liz said. “But that’s not what’s crazy. I’ve gotta find Abe and Ray.” The two girls began threading their way down the hallway leaving the ring of listeners and the ghost-girl. “But you know how Abe is,” she said, rolling her eyes. “That boy is messing with my thinking.” She knew this was crazy beyond belief. This was the girl from the horse! She tried to play it off as not that big a deal with Jessica, but she knew she had to get to Abe ASAP.

“Yeah, Liz, you should be careful. You are hanging around him and his friends a lot lately.”

“There’s nothing to be careful about, Jess. He and Ray and those guys are nice. Weird sometimes, but nice. Anyway, we saw that girl this weekend. She was riding a horse down the middle of the road by the state park. She looked panicked. Like she’d seen a ghost.”

The girls reached the stairs and began to climb. “Oh, so you’ve started believing all of Abe’s ghost stories and stuff now. The stuff you used to make fun of.”

Liz felt attacked. Her eyes narrowed and she tensed, but she let out a long breath, trying to stay calm. “Hey! I know what I saw, that’s all,” she said.

“You think this girl really saw ghosts?” Jessica asked.

Liz chewed on it as they climbed.

“Liz! Did you study for Math?” Someone said going the opposite way down the stairs.

“Who was that?” Liz asked as she looked back through the endless crowd.

“Not sure,” Jessica said. “So what do you think, Liz?”

“Oh, about the girl? Well, who knows,” she said as she peeled off from Jessica. “Maybe.” But that’s not what Liz thought at all. In fact, she thought about Abe’s dream. Not only did this girl probably see ghosts, there was a very good chance she was a werewolf. Liz saw Abe down the hallway and, clutching her notebook, she snaked her way through the crowd as fast as she possibly could toward him. She had to talk to him before class started. Had to. She didn’t know what bothered her more: a werewolf or the fact that she was starting to think like Abe and Ray.


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