The Amazing Dream Journal – Part 2


Abe hadn’t dreamed anything wild (that he could remember) for the rest of the weekend so his little dream journal was quiet. He thought of that as he entered the Monday morning cafeteria and looked for Ray. Students weren’t allowed to go to their lockers in the morning until 7 minutes before class started. But they could eat breakfast. Abe and his crew always sat together. Monday was the big story day. Whatever happened on the weekend made its way out onto the table and Abe wasn’t too glad about what happened on Saturday morning. He knew that was going to be the headline.

When everyone had gotten their breakfast and sat down – James, whose nickname was Pick, Elijah, who was called Gravy, Liz and Ray – Ray kicked it off.

“Alright. No one has a better story than we do. But anyone can have a shot at it. Pick? Gravy?”

“Hey, Ray, I saw a chicken fight with a snake at my grandpa’s. That is pretty good. I even took some video on my phone,” Pick said. He showed the video. “The snake slithered off, so I guess the chicken won.”

“Got anything with crocodiles?” Gravy asked.

“Yeah, Elijah, like James’s grandpa has crocodiles…” Liz said.

Abe smiled. He knew that Liz was who she was. There was no changing that. She could be funny sometimes and rude or snappy sometimes. Mostly she just needed a group to belong to. Now, after the whole Liza Thurman problem, she belonged to them.

“Well, old Abe, here, has a little something that everyone needs to hear,” Ray said. He looked at Abe and nodded.

“Yeah, well, I guess I’ve had some weird dreams lately that we better watch out for. Like, I’ve been dreaming some things and then seeing them in real life,” Abe said.

“Tell ‘em about the car, Abe,” Liz said.

“I did see a white hearse in my dream on friday night and when Ray and Liz and I were fishing at the park on Saturday morning, we saw the car from my dream.”

“I dreamed that charcoal colored aliens were dragging me off a cliff in my house last night,” Gravy said. “Should I be worried?”

Everyone laughed a little. But Abe was already feeling uncomfortable inside. Why was stuff showing up from his dreams?

“That’s not all Abe dreamed. He saw a werewolf riding a horse the same night and we saw a girl ride by, on the road, on a horse,” Liz threw in.

“There is a stable right by the park. A big one. My sister goes there for riding lessons with a friend of hers,” Pick said.

Abe held his hands palms up like it was the greatest mystery to him. And it was. For some reason, Pick’s explanation didn’t help; he was still worried.

“See, Abe, nothing to worry about,” Ray said as if he knew what Abe was thinking.


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