Technical Writing?

I’m having a blast creating the newest Abe Table story: Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal! Here is a peek into my process (the technical side of my writing):

  • I use Evernote to keep track of things that go well in lists: Abe’s classes, characters in all the stories, ideas.
  • I also use Evernote for the working outline of the story. That involves colored fonts for Goals/Problems/Solutions.
  • I am using Google Docs for the working draft of this story. I’ve used LibreOffice and Evernote before for writing stories, but have chosen Google this time because it makes the story accessible from all my devices (an embarrassing amount).

Stay tuned this week for the next writing tip where I’ll share some of the tools I use inside Google Docs to help me out.

What writing tools do you like to use?


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