Story #5 Soon

Keep your eyes peeled: the next Abe Table adventure will arrive soon. I am working through the outline right now on a crazy set of misunderstandings that will lead Abe to some wrong conclusions, as usual. In Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal, Abe believes that he is beginning to control his dreams. When he and Liz and Ray see a hearse with a wild looking driver from his dreams and a girl fleeing on horseback, he’s not sure if he wants to dream any more, much less try to control his dreams. When they both show up at his school he reaches his wit’s end; he doesn’t know what to do or what will be next.

Look for the story. I’ll have a release date countdown as soon as the outline is complete. In the meantime, watch for some new writing tips this week. Take some time this summer to create stories of your own! Start with some fun ideas, some crazy ideas, and let them build. I’ll show you how in the next “I hate writing – Help!” tips.


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