Coming Soon… The Amazing Dream Journal


Abe’s next adventure will be here before you know it. How will he and his friends make sense of these:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Stay tuned… coming soont: Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal.


Crazy Ideas and Walking


Jump over to the “I hate writing – Help!” page to see the latest writing tip (#6) about putting ideas together. It may just give you a little summer boost and accidentally (not “maliciously” like Gru says) trick you into having fun while writing.

While I’m thinking about it, Avi, one of my favorite authors, left some great advice today on his blog (which I highly recommend) about getting ideas for writing. Check it out here.

Four Middle Level Books I Would Like to Read This Summer


Who isn’t looking for sources for enjoyable reading? Mr. Renwick gives some excellent suggestions! I had to include them.

Reading By Example


This title won the E.B. White Read Aloud Honor in 2011. It chronicles the friendship between a group of mice and a cat during the time of Charles Dickens. In fact, the author himself frequents the inn where this novel takes place. An initial listing of characters with names such as Pip alludes to the possibility of many Dickens references throughout the story. My favorite so far (on the back cover): “He was the best of toms. He was the worst of toms.”


I see this title frequently mentioned on Twitter by other educators. After picking it up at my local book store, I sent out this tweet:

It resulted in at least half a dozen replies, all highly recommending it. This fantasy novel pits four orphans against each other in a deadly competition…

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Story #5 Soon


Keep your eyes peeled: the next Abe Table adventure will arrive soon. I am working through the outline right now on a crazy set of misunderstandings that will lead Abe to some wrong conclusions, as usual. In Abe Table and The Amazing Dream Journal, Abe believes that he is beginning to control his dreams. When he and Liz and Ray see a hearse with a wild looking driver from his dreams and a girl fleeing on horseback, he’s not sure if he wants to dream any more, much less try to control his dreams. When they both show up at his school he reaches his wit’s end; he doesn’t know what to do or what will be next.

Look for the story. I’ll have a release date countdown as soon as the outline is complete. In the meantime, watch for some new writing tips this week. Take some time this summer to create stories of your own! Start with some fun ideas, some crazy ideas, and let them build. I’ll show you how in the next “I hate writing – Help!” tips.