Many Thanks

Thanks to Mrs. Saling’s class for providing thoughtful and constructive feedback and comments on Abe’s 2nd story, Hood. Their ideas will not only help me improve that story, but I’ll be able to apply them to future Abe Table stories (which I’ve already done with The Legend of Burgess Clave). What a powerful thing to do: help someone out by reading what they wrote and provide thoughtful comments.

Which leads to Writing Tip #5: Ways to Revise your Writing

1. Ask someone to read your work and give you specific advice (like, “Would you read this and tell me if where the details are helpful and where I don’t give enough?”).

2. Read your work again and see where it doesn’t make sense.

3. Read your work and ask if your main character has a clear goal.

4. Ask yourself who your target audience is and if you are writing for them.

Can you think of other ways to improve your writing? Share them with us as comments.


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