Interview with Liz Strong

Liz Strong, always present to confound things for Abe at Lake Middle School, also works for the school news feed. Here is a transcript of an interview she does with Abe – it all leads to the 4th Abe Table story coming out in May.

Lake Middle School Weekly Know It All – Facebook page for student news

Transcript of YouTube interview

Liz: So, Abe, what is it that you like to do in your spare time? Hunt for ghosts or what?
Abe: Yeah, Liz, right. I love finding ghosts because I’ve found so many.
Liz: Kind of embarrassing when you don’t find anything, huh?
Nod from Abe on video
Liz: And can you describe for our viewers where you work? Why, maybe, you are so obsessed with finding what can’t be found?
Abe: I work at a cemetery…
Liz: (interrupting) What do you do there?
Abe: I clean things and do other stuff my uncle asks me to do.
Liz: Do you ever see ghosts?
Abe: Not really.
Liz: So you kind of see ghosts?
Abe: Well, no. Weird things happen sometimes, you know.
Liz: (smiling) Yes, I’m sure they do. And you have proof of these weird things, right?
Abe: Well, no, not really, not yet anyway… I…
Liz: (interrupting) Yes, well, thank you, Abe, for the time you’ve given. We’ll be looking for your latest proof-flop on Facebook. This is Liz Strong signing off. Keep up with us. Be a know-it-all.

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