Writing Process for Abe’s 4th Story


How do you write a story? Do you talk about it first? Do you make a list? Do you just write ideas? Journal?

I think things change for me with every story. Right now I am drafting Abe’s fourth adventure and I am using:
a list
an outline
a journal
drafts of scenes

My journal helps me think through the ever-changing outline I wrote from a list. The outline changes a lot as I write scenes based on what it says.

It is messy business! Tell me what you like to do if you have to (want to) write a story:


Interview with Liz Strong


Liz Strong, always present to confound things for Abe at Lake Middle School, also works for the school news feed. Here is a transcript of an interview she does with Abe – it all leads to the 4th Abe Table story coming out in May.

Lake Middle School Weekly Know It All – Facebook page for student news

Transcript of YouTube interview

Liz: So, Abe, what is it that you like to do in your spare time? Hunt for ghosts or what?
Abe: Yeah, Liz, right. I love finding ghosts because I’ve found so many.
Liz: Kind of embarrassing when you don’t find anything, huh?
Nod from Abe on video
Liz: And can you describe for our viewers where you work? Why, maybe, you are so obsessed with finding what can’t be found?
Abe: I work at a cemetery…
Liz: (interrupting) What do you do there?
Abe: I clean things and do other stuff my uncle asks me to do.
Liz: Do you ever see ghosts?
Abe: Not really.
Liz: So you kind of see ghosts?
Abe: Well, no. Weird things happen sometimes, you know.
Liz: (smiling) Yes, I’m sure they do. And you have proof of these weird things, right?
Abe: Well, no, not really, not yet anyway… I…
Liz: (interrupting) Yes, well, thank you, Abe, for the time you’ve given. We’ll be looking for your latest proof-flop on Facebook. This is Liz Strong signing off. Keep up with us. Be a know-it-all.

Writing Tip #3


Tip #3: Try “The Writing Fix” random plots generator – It gives you 3 random ideas to use in the form of a setting, a character and a conflict. It is fast, sometimes funny, and fun! Check it out here.

Don’t forget that all the writing tips are stored on the “I hate writing – Help!” page.

Abe’s 3rd Story Available Now


Is Abe being haunted at home and at school? Could the lunchroom debate about whether or not there are such things as ghosts finally be settled? You don’t want to miss Abe’s attempt to capture a ghost in this episode of The Misinformed Life… catch Abe’s newest adventure here or in The Stories link at the top of the page. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for the next “I hate Writing – Help!” tip…coming soon!


Tip #2 Making a list or drawing


Abe’s fourth story (in the making now in my secret laboratory) found its beginning in a list and a drawing (I Hate Writing – Help! Tip #2):



Where is Abe now?


Abe will soon be chasing a ghost.

New territory for him, but he is up to the challenge. That all shows up in his third story, Catching Liza Thurman. Apparently, Abe is being haunted at home and right in school. Don’t miss Abe’s discoveries coming here soon… for free!

I’ve been working on the fourth adventure – One that involves a cemetery, a legend and a dare (I wanted to say a headless horseman, but I think that story is already taken). I’m on scene 2 now. If you are curious how to get started on a story of your own, check out the I Hate Writing – Help! page.